The Dorothy


By: Robin

Emma: Where did you used to go dancing?

Robin: Oh, there was the famous Dorothy, which is now a bookshop. And it had three or four floors. And the first floor was the Oak Room where they had rock bands. Then you went through some doors to a ballroom where they had slow, slow, quick, quick, slow stuff. And then you went up into the gods. And there was, I think, was called the Blue Room. And it was always very hot, especially in the summer. And they had rock bands there too, you know.

And above the Victoria Cinema, there was this was a restaurant and they had bands there. And the band who were the predecessors to Jokers Wild, not Jokers Wild, no Pink Floyd played there. Some of the musicians from Pink Floyd, they were called Jokers Wild. And yeah, they were quite popular. But they did Beatles and Beach Boys covers not their own stuff as they later did with Pink Floyd. You know, I saw the Beatles in Cambridge, no Yarmouth, not Cambridge.


Interviewed by Pippa Hale and Emma Bearman, May 2023

The Dorothy on Sidney Street
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