Canoeing on the River Cam


By: Robin

Pippa: And did you ever play in the river?

Robin: Not the River Cam, I used to go fishing there. And my brother had a canoe. My dad found a canoe quite cheap. And they repaired it – it was canvas and they repaired it with pitch and canvas and the very first day of evening they launched it – they took it down to the Cam on wheels and put it in the water. My older brother and his mate got in it and it started to sink! And so I had to rush home and get some more canvas and pitch but it didn’t do the job. So I think it had to be treated a bit.

Pippa: And how old was your brother when he was in there when he was trying to canoe down the River Cam?

Robin: About 15, 16 I guess? Yeah. No, he was probably 14 actually. He was younger than that. Yeah.

Interviewed by Pippa Hale and Emma Bearman, May 2023

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