Cycling to Newmarket


By: Robin

Robin: And I had a tiny bike, it was a BSA. And I went cycling with a mate once and I said, ‘Where should we go?’ And he said, ‘New Market.’ I said ‘That’s too far.’ ‘No it’s easy.’ Anyway, we got about a quarter of the way and I’d had enough. But fortunately, it was before the A14, but the road was pretty busy. We managed it in the end it is sort of 13 miles on this tiny little bike. And I got home and I was really proud that I’d cycled to New Market. And my dad said ‘Where did you cycle? On that little bike?’

Pippa: And how old were you when you did that?

Robin: Nine or ten I guess.

Pippa: That’s a long journey for a nine or ten year old.

Robin: Yeah. We Yeah, just well. Yeah, we got to Quy Church and and I thought, yeah, that’s enough. But New Market is another nine miles.

Emma: And did you have any water or anything? You must have been thirsty?

Robin: I think probably we took a bag of crisps. And I can’t remember! People didn’t bother with water in those days. It’s quite fashionable now. I know it’s good for you, but yeah…

Pippa: And was your dad, was he worried or concerned that you’ve gone that far? And did he tell you not to go there again?

Robin: Oh, yeah, definitely. I mean, we used to go in his car to New Market, New Market Heath and have picnics.

Pippa: A real adventure then!

Robin: Yes, oh dear!


Interviewed by Pippa Hale and Emma Bearman, May 2023

Bike BSA
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