Above: Playbox 001

Come Play!

In order to make the playlaws, we are collecting playful memories, imaginings and activities of people in Cambridge. We’d like you to get involved and you can do this is a number of ways.

Playing out with Playbox

Playbox is a 20ft shipping container that visited four locations over five weekends in summer 2023.

Lots of people, of all ages, joined us as we played out on piazzas and in parks. Everyone joyfully got involved creating their own Play Agent secret disguises and making a playful zone with lots of fun materials.

To all who came — thank you for making it so memorable and being part of this celebration of play in Cambridge!

We’ve created a photo gallery that captures all the fun and frolics experienced on the days. See if you can spot yourself, friends or family in the photos.

Monsoon day 1970

‘Memory Lane Cambridge’
by Mike Petty and published by Cambridge Evening News 1999

Share your Playful Memories

Playing out has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. A survey by the National Trust in 2012 noted that children’s freedom to roam had declined by almost 90% since the 1970s. 

We’d love to hear your memories of playing out when you were a child (no matter how old you are now) so we can track how experiences of play have changed over the years. Click the button below and select the ‘Memories of Play’ option to to log your memories on our interactive Cambridge Play Map.


Inspire with your fanciful play ideas for Cambridge

What would the ultimate play experience look like for you? If money and time (or indeed gravity) were no issue what would sort of play would you want in Cambridge? 

If you’re looking for inspiration, then go read ‘Ruby Nettleship and the Ice Lolly Adventure’ by Thomas Docherty. Ruby wants a place to play so she plants her ice lolly stick in the ground and a fantastical playground emerges from her imagination…

To share your playful imaginings no matter how big or small, click the button below and select the ‘Fanciful Play Ideas’ option to add to our interactive Cambridge Play Map.

Become a Play Agent

If you want to reconnect with your playful self or you’re passionate about play in public spaces, then why not become a Play Agent?

Text your made Up Play Agent Name and first 4 digits of your postcode to 07445 196045 to start your initiation as a Play Agent.

Play Agents are local people who are up for adventures and challenges set by us and other agents.

Click the button below to see all the Play Agents in the Cambridge area.