By: Robin

Conkering in the Autumn

Robin: Of course, then come the Autumn, you’d go conkering looking for conkers. Because there are so many chestnut trees on Midsummer Common and then there’d be the conker season and people would soak conkers in vinegar to try to harden them and half baked them but it never worked. They were much better as they were just sort of fresh in hard.

Pippa: And you didn’t have to wear your glasses in those days or safety goggles.

Emma: I think it’s banned in schools now isn’t it?

Pippa: I think so. And how did you play conkers? Did you just take it in turn to hit?

Robin: Yeah, you’d put boot lace or string through the conker. Got your dad to drill it and and then you often ended up with your knuckles being rapped because they’d spin round and hit yet knuckle, you know.

Emma: But you survived.


Interviewed by Pippa Hale and Emma Bearman, May 2023

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