Playing at The Pavillion


By Shahida Rahman

We moved to Gurney Way from Devonshire Road in 1976, when my twin sister and I were still very young. I remember we would go to the playing field and pavilion at Gilbert Road. I remember playing cricket as a family, picking apples from the tree in our garden, and playing hide and seek between the cars parked on the street. It was fun - it wasnt busy back then. 

It was a place we could all play together.
I was a few years older -around 12 - and at Chesterton school, when my sister and I were falsely accused of vandalism of the pavillion, it was shocking and the first time I learned about the word ‘scapegoating‘.

Many years ago it wasn‘t important, but now, looking back, the memories mean a lot.
Come Play! Shahida in the garden at Mill Road Mosque: ‘the memories feel important these days‘.
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