Playground Games


Remembering Playground Games from the 60s by Paul.



Paul: You wouldn’t choose a conker that was squidgy or look like its shell’s going to crack off. You need them nice and hard. We used to leave them out in dad’s shed, pick them in the summer. Then give them to dad and he’d drill them for you. Then we would thread them through with shoe laces – they were always shopping at school, so we would pull them out and use them. You’d drill a hole through it, right in the centre and that. Then just one hit and if the bloke moves his hand you get another hit, until he stops moving his hand. Some people really get whacked if you don’t get the distance right.

Hilary: So it could go on a long time?

Paul: Well – the the play time ended.

Hilary: Yeah, til the bell goes.



We used to play marbles in a circle. Where you’d try and knock our opponents out. Then you collect the little marbles you’ve knocked out. You’d draw a circle and then you add a marble in there, then try and knock it out and then you collect it that way…. then you build up, then you get your big marble – which was a black one – and try and knock as many out then.



The film Zulu came out in the early 60s. and we used to run from one end of the playground shouting Zuluuuu – teachers didn’t know what was going on.

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