resized_emma in a jar

Chief of Play Galaxy Division

What's your favourite memory of playing outdoors?

There was a time when I was about 13 when we went to the meadows to dance to Madonna in the shallows. We spent hours perfecting our moves. After a while we became aware of some older boys from school approaching us, with broad grins on their faces. We felt very stupid, as they made a bee line for us.

One of the trio grabbed my friend to throw her into the deeper part of the river, and as he bent to do so his shiny shorts presented his backside to my foot, so I went for a Kung Fu Dancing kick on his bottom to save my friend from her untimely, undignified dunking.

Sadly his shorts created a force field and my foot snapped back, in shock.

My friend was let go into the fast flowing deep river, but emerged with her hair all over her face laughing.

We ran off, my foot swelled, we hobbled, my foot became a football. Hospital confirmed I’d broken it. My friend and her curly haired tormentor went on to become a loved up couple. My saving her was all in vain.

What’s the moral of this playful story?

How do you like to play now?

Spray Cans, Shimmying and wiggling with strangers, seeing how far I can get away with being cheeky, kitchen dancing with my children, cherry knocking, making up future fictions on Twitter and seeing if anybody notices.

What stops you from playing more?

Fear of never getting back up again if I end up like a lady bug on her back. Feet that hurt too much and being earnest

What's your favourite Dad joke?

Did you hear the rumour about butter? – Well, I’m not going to spread it!