What's your favourite memory of playing outdoors?

Playing catch with my sister. We spent hours in the garden throwing a tennis ball back and forth to each other. We loved watching ‘A League of Their Own’, a film about women baseball players. So as soon as the sun was shining we would be out, in the garden recreating our favourite scenes.

How do you like to play now?

My best friends have two brilliant children (ages 10 & 6). I love setting them treasure hunts and puzzles to solve. Planning, writing clues and setting it up. Then I run around following them. I love to see them work it all out and find their treasure!

What stops you from playing more?

Work? When I’m not working I’m usually doodling or making something.

What's your favourite Dad joke?

Ah! Sophie’s choice! Umm… Why are elevator jokes so good? Because they work on so many levels.