Monsoon Day


By: Mike Petty / Cambridge Evening News

There was more fun for children when a freak storm brought flooding in Campkin Road in June 1970. On ‘Monsoon Day’ 2¼ feet of water gushed into houses and was made worse when waves make by passing traffic pushed water back into houses that had been baled out. ‘As parents brought out buckets and mops, the children dived for water wings. Within minutes the road took on the appearance of a seaside carnival scene, except that it was in the centre of Cambridge’s biggest housing estate, 60 miles from the nearest beach. Three was even surf and breakers as heavy lorries and buses barged their way through the swirling water.’ (News)

‘Memory Lane Cambridge’ by Mike Petty and Cambridge Evening News, published by Breedon Books Publishing Company Ltd, 1999.

Monsoon Day 1970, IMG_1693
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