Future fanciful play in Cambridge


When you are in Cambridge do you play? Is so where and how? What delights you as you wander and wonder?

Do you look at spaces and think they need your magic touch? Do you encounter playful art, or happenings and if so how do they make you feel?

Dinky Doors in Cambridge are a wonderful example of playfulness in the public space. How utterly enchanting or as they say, big ‘dollops of delight’. Have you discovered all of the mini portals of play? Dinky Doors state categorically that they ‘are on an unexpected mission to save the world’ and we are totally onboard with this. Imagination is exactly what we need to make our worlds wonder filled. Come on, let’s join in the fun and have an adventure…

If it were down to you, and you could imagine a part of Cambridge as yours to do what you wish in, alone or with others, how would you transform a 2m circle, anywhere within our Section 106 Zone*? Why not draw it, or record a snippet we can add to the site, you can be as daft, daring or provocative as you fancy. Dig deep or build upwards, be friendly, or not. It’s your 2m to do as you wish. You set the rules of who can/can’t play there. What might grow, evolve, develop if nurtured or encouraged?

Do you wish to share your dreams with others? Please do upload them here, please don’t by shy, we know others will be inspired by your attempts, no matter how perfectly formed they are.

*Our ‘section 106 zone’ is a boundary which takes the form of a 2km diameter circle emanating from Warren Close near to the railway station.

For more information about Cambridge’s approach to Public Art and S106 read on

Imagining a future play space