Our trusty 20ft Shipping Container Playbox has been to 4 different locations across our designated zone and met thousands of people young & old over the last 4 weeks. She’s met babies, dogs, bugs, trees, cobbles, tennis players, bubble blowers, crafty critters, dengineers, little monkeys, and many an agent of playfulness.

She’s heard hundreds of ideas for Playlaws, listened to dawn choruses and evening song, church bells, bike bells, scooters, and the whooshing of wheels everywhere.

We asked where should our fifth location be, Playbox heard the ideas from far & wide, and people voted with their feet, their fingers and by bringing more friends, becoming our friends and making new friends.

The final location is where we know there is space to bring old and new pals together for a weekend of play, and that’s Parker’s Piece, where there is room enough for friendships to flourish and Playlaws to be concocted.

Come bring a picnic, tell all your folks, heck bring your own games & daft ideas for play now & in the future.

We’ll reward everybody who comes already dressed up playfully with a treat too!

See you this weekend, between 11am and 4pm Saturday and Sunday.

The Cambridge Playlaws Team & Playbox