13 Play days, 4500 players and 450 suggested playlaws!

But still time to suggest a playlaw for Cambridge! We’ve been amazed at how many people braved all weathers to come and play – from searing 32 degrees heat to torrential downpours! We’ve been crafting, den building, blowing giant bubbles, reminiscing about childhood play and heard loads of ideas for Playlaws to make our public […]

We NEED you!

We’re hiring Play Rangers for the Playbox touchdowns in June and July!

DIY Plaques

Watch out for blank plaques where you can write your own playlaw…

Future fanciful play in Cambridge

Imagining a future play space

If it were down to you, and you could imagine a part of Cambridge as yours to do what you wish in, alone or with others, how would you transform a 2m circle, anywhere within our Section 106 Zone?