Are you curious, daft and mischievous?

Do you love getting out and about and exploring your city?

Do you want to reclaim your child-like sense of adventure?

If so, secretly open up the mission information below and then become a Play Agent today!

Play Agents, much like secret agents, operate covertly, responding to challenges and missions set by the artists and other Play Agents.

These could include prompts such as:

• Eat a mouthful of crackers then try to whistle

• Make your favourite childhood memory out of recycled materials and found objects

• Outline the shadows on the pavement in chalk

• Plant a circle of bulbs 2m in diameter

You are invited to come and play out with us when Playbox lands in the city this summer. Playbox is a 20ft roving shipping container full of free fun, creativity and curiosity. Come along and bring your friends and families to create your own 2m circle and playful activities or recreate your favourite childhood memory.

Your ideas, imagination and enthusiasm will help to create a set of 10.6 Playlaws launching later this year.

The first important Play Agent question. All ages are welcome but for our records are you…


Frequently Asked Questions

It can take up as much or as little time as you want.

Also up to you!

Yes, it’s totally up to you as to whether you disclose your true identity. However, you will need to register with us as a Play Agent which means handing over your email address, phone number and date of birth. We will hold this information securely and none of it will be made public. We won’t share it with anyone else either. Not even Santa.

Again, this is completely up to you. If you’re a lone ranger that’s fine. Alternatively you can boss others to become Play Agents too and take on challenges together.

Only if you really want to.

That’s fine – time to get creative! You can either do stuff at home yourself or become someone else’s puppet master.

Then you can keep your identity secret.

Then spread the word and get your friends, family or colleagues to sign up. The idea is to generate a culture of play and players in Cambridge that exists beyond this one project. But we can only achieve this together.